Your exclusive ticket to Saga
Saga Pass NFT secures the spot in line during Saga launch and gives holders early access to Saga rewards.
Mint is live!
Minting Saga Pass secures your spot in line and locks your $100 pre-order deposit. Keep your Saga Pass! You’ll need it at checkout to prove your spot in line and apply your deposit.
Saga Pass™ Benefits
NFT Airdrops
Saga Pass holders will have the ability to collect future NFT drops from the Solana Mobile team. Stay tuned!
Exclusive Events
Saga Pass holders will get access to upcoming VIP events where you can learn more about SMS and meet the Solana Mobile team.
Early Saga delivery
When Saga is ready to begin shipping, pre-orderers with Saga Pass will be first in line for checkout and delivery.
Discounted Accessories
Saga Pass holders will enjoy discounts on Saga accessories.
Secure your spot amongst the mobile Web3 trailblazers